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Ed Vance, FAIA - Past Chancellor of the AIA - College of Fellows - Founder & CEO - Edward Vance and Associates - Las Vegas

"Works like the Kid Architect Book series speak directly to our mission of reaching out to the next generation of architects who are the very pipeline of professionals that we rely on for the future of our profession."

Lana - Age 6 - Indiana

"It was awesome and I liked the part where it showed the Columbus Regional Hospital."

Kori - Age 10 - Indiana

"I think the book was cool because it talks about different architects. Also, I didn't know that the Bartholomew County Courthouse was 155 feet tall!"

Chrissy - Mother of Kate - Age 8 - Indiana

"Wow! Kate is loving her Kid Architect book! I love how it looks like a bulletin board and the layout is just how her brain works, hops around to different topics! Her fav so far is City Hall and the Courthouse! Check out the Kid Architect book for the little architect in your life!"